Gatlinburg, Tennessee~

The view from our balcony when we got there Saturday night~
and the one that greeted us early Sunday morning!
John & I have been making trips to Gatlinburg, Tennessee since the fall of 1983 and we fall in love with it all over again each & every trip. Saturday Jenny & I had a huge yard sale and knowing I'd worked hard at getting things together, got up at 4 am to set it all up, Johnny took me to Ruby Tuesdays for a delicious salad and steak about 2:30 that afternoon. The entrees had just been brought to the table when he casually looked at me and asked, "Want to go to Gatlinburg this afternoon?" Did I??!!!! The waitress came by asking if we needed anything and I said, "YES, two to-go boxes, we're going to Gatlinburg!" Within the hour we were packed and halfway to the Clanton exit! Called on the way up to reserve a condo at our favorite place and found, to our excitement, that we were getting two nights for the price of one!! Could it get any better?!
It did! It was cold!! And it began to rain Sunday morning, but the rain was nice and refreshed the greenery. Johnny has said for years that a bad day in Gatlinburg beats a good day elsewhere anytime! The higher we drove into the park, the rainer and foggier it got. We saw so many wet motorcyclists! We met a very nice couple that showed us their rentals, so now we have contacts for two condos that are absolutely beautiful with the decor!! {Think flat screen TV's on the walls!! kind of decor!} We got some serious relaxation in and I got a beautiful silver bracelet with a heart charm added to commemorate our time there.

Sunday afternoon we received word that Johnny's brother-in-law, John Barnes, won his battle with cancer. John was ready to go Home and we rest easier knowing he is with loved ones and a wife he missed dearly. We got home Monday afternoon and as much as we loved our little get-away, it's always good to get home. The family has elected not to have visitation, just a grave side service at a quaint church in the country. We rejoice knowing John walked with the King, is now resting in Paradise, and waiting for the rest of us to get there. Personally, I want to go back to the Garden, walk up to my dad and into a hug. I've missed his hugs and his grin.

If you're planning a trip to Gatlinburg, and I highly recommend it, get in touch with me and I'll give you the number of the condos we stay. They are located right off traffic light #6 and there are one and two bedroom units. Housekeeping is awesome and the kitchens have everything you need, including complimentary coffee, creamer, and sugar. Here's a picture of the opposite side of the building.I'm off to have lunch with Deborah and to play catch up with her! Here's hoping you have a beautiful Tuesday and many, many moments of laughter~


Leah said...

How fun! I look forward to the days we can just trapse of!

Chad said...

I love that place. Teale and I and a couple of our couple friends have planned a trip up there for the middle of June. We have booked a cabin and I absolutely cannot wait to get there. It is going to be awesome.

hollibobolli said...

The vacation pics look beautiful.

I'm so sorry to read about your brother-in-law, but I'm glad you all are at peace with everything.. I know the toll cancer can take on entire families.

love to you.

Kristen said...

i love your blogs! It looks like ya'll had a blast!! love ya.

Kristi said...

Nancy, I love your new blog layout. It is just beautiful! We, too, go to Pigeon Forge every November and just love it. In fact, I have someone painting a picture of one of my favorite areas up there right now!

Haley said...

oh wow! Sounds like you guys had so much fun!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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