Who, When, but Where?!

Here's the guy~
Here's the girl~
Here's the view from their condo room Saturday night!!
If you think you know where they were,
be the first to say so in a comment
and you'll win a handcrafted surprise!
So log in, leave a guess, and let's see who wins!
Time's up at midnight tonight!
And at that time, I'll tell you about our weekend!!


Kelly said...

I know where...but I saw it on your myspace so I won't cheat and guess. :o)

Nancy Hood said...

ha ha, but you still get to choose any one purchase from Jenny's web site, The Lavendar Hippo!! I'll tell her to expect a note from you telling her what you want!! She has bag tags, calling cards, and mommy tags! She'll mail it to you!! Now we'll see who the 'other' winner is ;)

The Feathered Nest said...

Hi Nancy!! Was it Atlanta??? You two are so cute.....xxoo, Dawn

Haley said...

oh wow. I sure hate i missed this chance. I only get on the computer at work. I so would have known where you guys went even before i read your blog.... I know you love it there!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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