200th Post! New People!

This is my 200th post!! Whoo Hoo! Okay, that's over {good chuckle} I posted this morning to draw your attention to several new people in the blogging world. My friends are so talented and I learn from each of them. Two have decided to try this media as a means of sharing their works with others. Please visit their sites, leave them a comment or two, and check back regularly with them! The sites are works in progress, which makes it even more interesting!

Raymond Elliott is a powerful writer. A husband, father, and minister, he loves the Lord and has much knowledge of the Scriptures. You'll be blessed reading his works. He also enjoys turkey hunting. Growing up on Sand Mountain in north Alabama, he has many stories that I'm hoping he'll share. I've read them and they always brought chuckles and grins. Raymond has several blogs ~ some are a series of writings ~ but you can begin with Scenes From My Window. From there, you can link to his other blogs, or find them in my Link list to the right.

Lynne Griffies has a talent for photography. I've taken several of her images over the years and have them ready for framing. She has decided to share with us, and you can be assured that as she becomes comfortable with this media, we'll all be blessed with her views of our world. Lynne can be found at Pages From Our Life. Lynne is also a new grandmother and I'm sure we'll be seeing those sweet faces.

Stop by and welcome these two dear friends to the fascinating world of blogging~

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