A Perfect Day~

It's a movie, The Perfect Day, that is. But it is also what my days are. Okay, so maybe not perfect where everything goes the way it should; maybe not perfect in that everyone treats each other the way they should; and, maybe not perfect in that tears never cloud the sun. I do know there is a place of perfect days, a place that exists just as surely as I am sitting here writing this to you~

I read the book, then rented the movie through Netflix. The book was better. The lesson is a powerful one. Written by Richard Paul Evans, I don't intend to tell you any more because that would spoil it. I'm not even going to provide a link, because that contains spoilers. Just buy the book or check it out ~ but read it. Then watch the movie, if you need faces to go with the names.

But back to the concept of a perfect day. This past Saturday began as a perfect day. Our home was showing at 9:30 to a couple that had seen it once before and were interested in spending more time in it. John and I left, riding around looking at homes and places we wished were for sale. We had a nice breakfast, then sat down the road from our house waiting for it to be vacated. You see, we had a wedding in Ft. Walton to attend! It all went as planned. Except ~

there were moments of sadness, pain, and hurt that took place before we left the wedding. You see when choices are made, there are consequences. It can also be said that when choices are made, a difference takes place in the life of someone. I made a choice three years ago and there were consequences. Consequences that didn't surprise me, it's one of the reasons I never acted on it before. But it was good to change my mind and the consequences were as I expected. Truth is a good thing, but powerful.

While at the wedding, a difference was made. A few, in fact. I'm hopeful that seeds of forgiveness, love, and truth were planted and that from this there might be healing. It all depends on the hearts of those involved. On our ride back to Prattville, there were a few tears, some discussion, and many prayers. And yet there was also laughter, and hope, and dreams.

Sunday afternoon another couple came back to take a second look! Again, we rode around before coming home to spend time, again, on the deck in the swing.

By Monday, we had two offers. By Thursday, it was sold. Thirteen days from the time the sign was put in the yard, we had three couples look at it {all three came back twice!}, two offers, and a contract was signed. Amazing! Amazing? No, not when you believe that He is in charge and will take care of you. At this time, it appears everything is good to go, barring any unforeseen problems. And ~

it's going to be a perfect day. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow. With the decision to put a sign in the yard came the consequence of signing a contract. John and I are embarking on a new journey! What an awesome difference in our life together, and we are excited! A couple from Enterprise, a retired teacher like me!, will be moving to Prattville where they have a new grandchild to pamper and spoil. What a difference in the lives of their family!

Perfect days. Every day. They are filled with His goodness, His love, His plans. There's going to be tears, but eyes need to be washed in order to see what He needs us to feel. There's going to be pain, but pain allows us to feel what He needs us to see. Johnny reminded me on our trip home that there was nothing I was feeling, that he was feeling, that Jesus hadn't felt. And he was so right. And I am so thankful I made the trip, that I were there, that I saw, I smiled, that I reached out.

A bit earlier this evening, I sat in my swing and I have to tell you, I'm going to miss this. I'll miss listening to the fountain and the mockingbird. I won't have to wonder what would best planted where the boxwoods used to be or how many azaleas need to go on the master bath wall. That's for someone else to dream about now. Choices. Consequences. Differences. It's all part of a perfect day~

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The Feathered Nest said...

WHAT?? Oh Nancy, it was so meant to be sweet friend!!! Good things await you...xxoo, Dawn

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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