Another Death in the Todd Smith Family~

Sad news~Jenny called me this morning to tell of the death of an infant, Luke Sponberg. In yesterday's post, I asked that you visit Bring the Rain and become a prayer warrior for Angie and Todd Smith, who lost their daughter seven weeks ago. Earlier in Angie's pregnancy, it was learned that Audrey Caroline would not live long. She died within three hours of birth.

Last night, they received the news that their three month old nephew had died, apparently from SIDS. The family has traveled to Georgia to be with his sister, Nicol, and her husband Greg Sponberg. Angie is asking for specific prayers and lists them on her blog. I ask that you lift them up in your prayers this week and the days to come.

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Leah said...

I am captivated by this family now. And so sad for them. Life is tough, really tough sometimes. Make me hold my little ones just a bit tighter and longer!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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