Here's to You, Melissa!

I don't guess I need to tell you that I like these types of blogs. Going through my list of those I love checking in with on a daily basis, I found this on Melissa Lester's. She is a friend I am just waiting to meet! She tagged me, so I'm tagging you!

What was I doing 10 years ago?
Johnny and I were living on the east side of Prattville. Our daughter, Jenny, was living with us and we had the sweetest little Maltese, Maggie. I was a second grade teacher at Holtville Elementary and Johnny was with Union Camp. Jenny was very serious about a young man named Brandon Maddox, and I had a house cleaning service on the side.

5 things on my to-do list tomorrow:
1. Visit Charter Cable and correct an error
2. Rent a storage unit to store items while we stage the house
3. Begin three piles ~ to keep, to sell, to take to Goodwill
4. Call Jenny and see how her weekend went
5. Give the house a breath of fresh air and sweep out the sicky feelings!!

5 snacks I enjoy:
1. a bowl of cereal
2. doughnuts
3. an icy Classic Coke, with crushed ice!!
4. fresh peach slices
5. Jenny's Pampered Chef yummies!

5 things I would do if I were a billionaire:
1. Give to our congregation {They do so much with mission efforts}
2. Set up a college fund for our grandchildren
3. Pay off the homes of all three daughters
4. Build the cottage I've dreamed of, with a fully equipped shop for Johnny
5. Have a second home in Gatlinburg large enough for all

5 bad habits:
1. Staying up late {had to agree with Melissa on this one}
2. Eating sweets {this one, too!}
3. Not keeping my checkbook averaged
4. Spending too much on others
5. Putting off this next surgery

5 places I have lived:
1. Born in Bradenton, FL where my father worked for the State of Florida
2. Palmetto, FL; Jay, FL; Marbury, AL while growing up as the daughter of teachers
3. Palmetto, GA; Carrollton, GA; Memphis, TN; Denver, CO; Memphis, TN; Palmetto, GA; married to my first husband {we covered a lot of ground and lived in a lot apartments and homes in our few short years together!!}
4. Back home to Marbury, AL after the divorce and until Johnny and I married, then to
5. Millbrook, AL; Wadsworth, AL; Prattville, AL {Prattville would be my favorite of them all if I hadn't loved Denver so much. The Rockies are still so vivid in my dreams.}

5 jobs I have had or have:
1. I was the first secretary for a company that came to Jonesboro, GA called National Pride Car Wash. I think I did very well, considering this was my first full time job! I'm good at organizing, however, and remained their secretary until we moved to Carrollton, GA, where Steve became an airplane mechanic for the local airport. I went to West Georgia College, then a branch of The University of Georgia {Go, Dawgs!} to finish my BS degree in Elementary Ed.
2. We moved to Memphis, TN when he hired on with Southern Airways and I worked with Casual Corners. The manager, Susan, became one of our best friends and I truly enjoyed working there. Got to see Priscilla Presley, although Elvis had already died by this time and thought she was pretty, but looked sad. The people around her were trashy looking, including her ex-stepmother that worshipped at the same church we did!
3. I was the Asst Personnel at AESCO Steel in Montgomery for a time and enjoyed the challenges it offered. I love the life of secretaries and personnel offices. You get to meet others and it's a job you can leave when you go home {ie, no papers to grade, no phone calls to make}
4. In the fall of 1986, I was called {just prior to school starting!} and told I had a second grade position at a local elementary school. I was scared to death and lost ten pounds that year and most of my hair. BUT, it became a passion and one that I truly enjoyed. I left in '96 thinking I wasn't being the wife and mother I should be. I found that I missed my classroom and the little ones that walked through the door and into my heart and returned the following year with my families' blessings. Teaching there, with my best friends, will always be my favorite!
5. My most favorite career change began the night of November 13th, in a hospital in Memphis, TN. Jenny was born. Being a mother has never been a job, but I wanted to list it because it's part of how I identify myself. She is the child I dreamed of and because of her I began to believe in miracles.

Let's see, how about Kristen, Heather, Kelly, Jenny, and Susanne?


Melissa Lester said...

I learned a lot about you. My dad was a student at Harding Graduate School in Memphis when Elvis died, so we were probably there around the same time. I went to preschool at the Getwell Church. Thanks for sharing!

Nancy Hood said...

Preschool! ha ha that dates me!! Memphis was humid and a bit on the trashy side, to me anyway. We lived on the opposite side of the airport when we lived there the second time {off Winchester} and it was a bit cleaner. Of course, that was in '75 the first time and '79 the second. And we probably weren't there a whole year each time.

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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