He's Still Not Well

It's almost 10 this Saturday night, and he's still not feeling good. I'm not feeling good myself, but think it's due to being worried about him. We both slept very late, but then he was doped up and I stayed up half the night listening to see if he was still barfing {sorry, there just isn't a nice word to use}. Stayed on the couch, ate a small baked potato and has been in bed for hours now. I was too, but I've got the hungries! So there are two biscuits in the oven with my name on them, just waiting for cheese to be melted upon their lovel white faces!! A cold glass of iced tea and I'll be in food heaven for about thirty minutes. I hate it when someone is sick!!!


Kelly said...

I hate it too. Hang in there and be glad it's not contagious!

Feel better, Mr. H!

Leah said...

So sorry he's been sick. Hope he's feeling better today.

Congrats on the house decision. I love what you wrote on the house blog.

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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