One Sick Puppy

My second post for the day but I ask that you remember my sweet man in your prayers. I took him to the doctor earlier this evening with a severe case of food poisoning! Running a fever, dehydrated~he was one sick puppy. We were there almost three hours, which included waiting for blood tests results. Two shots, two prescriptions. He was also told if he didn't drink as much as possible tonight, I would have to bring him back and they would hook him up to an IV. He promised to drink the Gatorade, and did drink a little before going to bed. Those of you that know what we went through in Birmingham two years ago know that I get scared when confined in a doctor's office. The smells, the sickness, the feeling that you won't be allowed to leave crowded around me tonight. And this is where He showed His compassion~

as Johnny was lying there and I knew I was going to cry, I began to pray. Hard. Have you noticed your prayers are different when you're scared? You're like a child grabbing for comfort and we reach for our Father, the King. I prayed. I felt myself relaxing, the interior of the room began filling up with His Peace and I knew we weren't alone anymore. It was so tangible. I looked at Johnny and he said, "hey, I feel better." I said, "I know". And I could rest. Of course, that was before the nurse popped him in the bohonkus with two large needles filled with medicine! But ~

I was able to bring him home and although he's still sick, we now have medicine. They have made him sleepy, and I pray he'll be more like himself in the morning. He cannot return to work until Monday at the earliest, so he'll miss this midnight shift. No one in this house is crying over that! All the more reason for us to get him retired, so he won't have to concern himself with missing work. Thank you in advance for the prayers, they are greatly appreciated~


Kristi said...

Oh, bless his heart. I would rather be sick with anything but food poisoning. I hope he feels better really soon!

Anonymous said...

I just read your latest blog entry about Johnny. I am soooooo sorry that he has been so sick and for all BOTH of you have had to go through the last few days. You are both in my prayers. Much love and hugs, Lynne

Haley said...

I will be praying for him..... i had food poisoning last year and i was sick for 5 or 6 days! I know how he feels..... and its not good! I hope he gets better soon!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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