It's Not Hard, Well Okay, Maybe~

You know, it's not as easy as it sounds. I walk through our home and I think 'how in the world can we leave this?!' It's so perfect for us and there is so little that I want to do to change it {I'd like granite countertops in the kitchen and the master shower really needs redoing}. It's our favorite home, thusfar.

Just this afternoon, as we were sitting in my swing that-lets-down-into-a-double-bed on this huge nice deck John added, I asked him, "If we didn't have any other credit account except the house payment would you still want to do this?" And when he looked at me like, "Nance, do you remember what this payment is and what we could do in a cheaper home?" that's all it took. I mean, we're empty nesters. We have no children here. So who needs 2800 sq. feet? {If you looked in each closet, you'd say 'she does!'}

If I step out of my comfort zone and have Johnny retire at 58 instead of 62 or 65 or 67, then that's exactly what I want to do. I was forced into early retirement, but I'm enjoying the time it's given me and I know Johnny will love this way of life. He'll have time to make more dreams come true and I'll love standing beside him watching it happen.

Besides, those of you who know me well, know that I love decorating. It's just the packing and unpacking I hate BUT we're thinking about paying someone to move us! How neat is that. When you get right down to it,

I bet there are other wives out there that would say, "I can live anywhere, in most anything, as long as you're happy and outrageously in love with me".

so! who wants to get in line to buy his first rebuilt classic muscle car?! or some furniture our daughters don't want?!


Haley said...

Classic muscle car...eric would love that..... actually he wants a 1957 truck..... i forget if its ford or chevy...... not saying he can buy one.... but he sure would like to come over and help Johnny and learn.... :) and furniture..... you just let me know what you are getting rid of (that the girls dont want lol) and i want to come and take a look..... i just love all of the stuff in your home!

Nancy Hood said...

Johnny would love having Eric come help and learn. He loves tinkering on cars and has always kept ours up so well! and come whenever you want to!! There are some pieces I want out asap!!

Leah said...

I can't wait to hear and see your new adventure! Aside from the packing, it will be fun to start over! Or at least I think so. The memories will live on!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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