Jenny in the Morning
Warm little body crawling in my bed
Smells of sleep, sounds of giggles filling up my head
Tugs on my eyelids and whispers in my ear
"Ready to eat, mommy", tells me Jenny's near.
Little feet move quicker now, she's going up the hall
The sound of tiny fingers dragging on the wall
Pulling on my housecoat, I hear her laughter ring
The sound of her makes me smile.
Jenny in the Morning
Hair caught up in pony tails and overalls of blue
Endless streams of chatter have replaced those baby coos
Walking and hopping, it's all delightful play
"Can you do this, mommy?" oh, how she makes my day.
Then after lunch, there's the walk around the yard
"Kiss the flowers, mommy" ~ to love you isn't hard
Seeing things I took for granted, now in a different way
Looking through the eyes of a child
Jenny in the Noonday
Soaped up and squirmy, playing in the tub
Getting bubbles in your nose, as your face I scrub
Noticing how much you've grown and how the time has past
Oh my darling Jenny, you're growing up too fast.
The daylight is fading now, approaching is the dark
Two precious little arms are wrapped around my heart
Your head warm on my shoulder, your little eyes closed tight
You're teaching me what love is
Jenny in the Night


Melissa Lester said...

Oh, that is so sweet! It makes me eager to greet my children again in the morning.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful--simply beautiful!
Love you dear friend,

Haley said...

OH WOW! That was wonderful!

Leah said...


Anonymous said...

Absolutey beautiful!!!! I had tears streaming as I read this. I could close my eyes and imagine my Audrey doing those same things. Thanks for sharing your heart! Love you! ~ Heather

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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