Second Thoughts?

Oh my, sitting outside this morning made me wonder, 'do I really really really want to sell this house we've called home for a bit over seven years? The backyard is so lush and green and we're so protected from neighbors with trees and shrubs. The birds are happy, the breeze was just enough to make me want to draw my legs up under me, and I thought of the places we've looked and nothing, nothing has come close to what we have here. It's still not too late. In fact~

I shared these very thoughts with John when he came in last night. I sat outside after the heat of the day abated yesterday and reveled in how blessed we are to have the backyard view we do. The neighbor across the brick wall got a water fountain for Mother's Day apparently and now I have the sound of water!! It's like having a creek on the back of our lot without the mosquitoes and snakes and frogs and brush!

Then he reminded me, 'Nance, we have dreams yet to make come true and we will find a house that we will love just like He led us to this one'. Is it not a most wonderful thing when the one you love shares your love for the Saviour? I remember that this man brought our daughters up in the nurture and words of God, he has prayed powerful and humbling prayers for them, he continued to praise Him through our trials and he knows we will continue to be led by His gracious Hand and His compassionate love ~ and I thank God for bringing him into my life that Sunday in February. So~

yes, we'll continue to watch for His plan for us to unfold. And until it does, I'll continue to bask in the beauty of my backyard, my swing, and the untold hours of time I've spent in conversations with Him there.


Haley said...

When you find the right "NEW" home for you guys you will love it just as much. You will find those few "special" things about the new house that you love and it will become your own. You two do have a lovely home but im sure your next one will be just as nice and cozy!

Nancy Hood said...

and thank you for giving the entertainment center a new home! It housed our Nintendo unit when Jenny and Leslie were living at home :) and brought us many hours of watching TV together piled up on our bed~I hope it brings you as much joy as it did our family!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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