He is My Beloved, and I am His~

The last two days have been such sweet days with Johnny. There were moments of sadness for me Saturday, and he cried for me. There were moments of pain, and he hurt for me. There were moments of joy, and he laughed with me. I am so in love with this man, and he with me. As we were coming home Saturday, the memory of His garden kept coming to mind. How peaceful it is and that one day I will return. Although another's lies continue to widen the chasm I find myself at the brink of, He pulls me in and comforts me, reminding me of the Garden and the peace there. And it feels so good to know that one day it really won't matter~I am blessed, dear Saviour, to be yours, to call you King and I worship and adore you.

To top off a beautiful day yesterday, the couple that looked at the house Saturday placed an offer! And the ones that looked at it Sunday placed an offer! Two offers in one afternoon!! Both are being contemplated, one a bit more seriously than the other. Both are good offers and we are indeed thankful. Carol is so funny saying "we need to find ya'll a house!" and we've tried assuring her it doesn't matter to us. We can stay here, we can go into an apartment, we might find the right house, or maybe we'll build. It's so much fun just looking, dreaming, and wondering where He will lead next. You can rest assured, when we decide, I'll share it with you!

PS~Did any of you happen to sit outside at dusk this evening? It was so lush and green and serene outside. My wind chimes were making just the slightest bit of music, there's a mockingbird that sings each evening, and the heat had died down. Just a perfect time~


Chad said...

Congratulations on the offers on your house. It seems like everything is moving quickly.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for allowing us to see your house. I'm sorry that you guys didn't accept our offer, but I understand the other was better. If the current offer doesn't work out, please contact us. We would still love to buy the house.

Best wishes,
Laura and Bobby Killough

Lkillough said...

Thank you for allowing us to see your house. We were disappointed that our offer wasn't accepted, but we understand that the other was better for you. If it doesn't work out, please contact us. We would still love to buy your house.
Best wishes and good luck with the new adventure.

Laura and Bobby Killough

Leah said...

WOOHOO! Can't wait to hear what transpires with the house!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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