Weddings, Rest, & Real Estate~

The wedding was nice, the bride beautiful, the groom handsome, the father emotionally charged, most of the guests nice people to be around, the weather windy, windy, windy!!! But then, isn't it always this time of year on the Gulf Coast? I only took two pictures and decided to pack everything up and snuggle closer to John. The wind at 6:30 in the evening became cool and the sky began darkening with storms blowing in. One was already there.

We left afterwards and drove home knowing it would feel good to be on beloved ground and sleeping in our own bed. It feels good to rest today in His arms and hide in Johnny's love.

On another note, the house showed yesterday morning to a couple that had looked at it earlier in the week, and may make an offer! Another couple came this afternoon to take their second look and they are serious, too! Whoo Hoo!! While our house was being shown, we had a delicious lunch at Logan's, then drove around looking at homes and acreage for sale. We can't decide if we want to build or buy. That's the fun of all this. Carol {Carol Lemon Realty} is a good friend and met with us twice to open two homes for us to see. John had as much fun as I looking through the neighborhoods and dreaming~we just hate the packing up! BUT, since I don't plan to take everything with us, it'll be much easier. We hope.

It is so pretty outside and I spent some time in the swing reading today's paper and talking to my Lord. We don't always know why some act the way they do or make the choices they do, but we can rest assured that He is always in charge. My mother used to quote, "Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord, I will repay." And I remember the garden, its beauty and peacefulness and everything else seems so minute~


The Feathered Nest said...

So glad you two are back home safe and sound Nancy....sounds like you had a wonderful time too! That's such great news that several people have returned for a second look!! You know that's a good glad that you were able to relax this Sunday, too. (((hugs))) Dawn

Haley said...

Will you be around tomorrow afternoon? If you will be then Eric and I can come by and get the entertainment center.

Haley said...

Will you be looking at a house this afternoon or tomorow afternoon? I am off work tomorow afternoon.

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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