Moving Tuesday!

Guess what this is?! I'll give you a hint. It has keys and an automatic garage door opener,that fits in my purse!!
I was with Noah and Ian this evening, while Jen and Brandon went out of town for the day, and got a call from Johnny saying, "come home and get me! We can sign the lease and see the apartment!" I called Nancy Maddox, who sweetly came to the house and watched the boys, while I went and got Johnny. There are a few more snapshots, click here to see them. The kitchen is not a bad size, but there are few cabinets and drawers. I've lived in apartments before, back in the '70's, and they were larger than apartments today. However, these ARE brand new, the grounds are going to be lovely, the walls are textured, and we begin moving tomorrow! Can you imagine how excited we are to know we will be sleeping on a bed tomorrow night?! The air mattress has been comfortable, but getting up off the floor gets harder and harder.

Johnny is planning to paint the garage in the morning and will begin moving furniture and boxes after lunch. Stay tuned for updates on the messes in two places now!!


The Feathered Nest said...

I'm so very glad you're moving in Nancy!! A real bed too...the apartment looks just adorable. You'll have it all decorated in no time! xxoo, Dawn

Kelly said...

Have fun! What a great anniversary present! Hope you and the Mr. have a fabulous one!

Chris said...

What a nice place! I can't believe it has a garage right next to it! That's awesome. What's even better is that now we get to see how you decorate it! Can't wait! Congratulations!

Susie Harris said...

Yeah!!! So glad it's coming into place... Now you get to unpack. hehe... susie h~

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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