Here are the snapshots from the meal at MarChelles, downtown Prattville! Thank you everyone for coming and thank you Jenny for the pics!! She has more on their family web site along with snapshots from a trip they took to the Children's Museum, which totally fascinated Ian!, and some funny observations of the latest T-ball game. Click here to go to their page. By the way, this is the second post tonight so keep reading after this one~
I am so totally still in love with this man and I know he feels the same. Staying with me while I struggled to stay alive in ICU had to be the hardest thing he has ever had to endure and my heart hurts when I think of the pain and fear he experienced. Our daughters and my brother kept him sane and made sure he was rarely alone. He still worries about me, but we don't sweat the small things anymore. Shoot! We don't even sweat the big things anymore.

Ian Todd will be five this December and has just found out his mommy will be at school with him next year. He is so excited! There's a cute note about Ian and tonight's bedtime books you'll enjoy on their page. Please note the "A" on his pullover. Can you guess who is hoping this child will attend the University of Alabama on a sports scholarship?!
Nancy Maddox. Jenny's second mother and a dear friend of mine. Her Brandon has become the son we never had and we thank God for him each day. When he came into Jenny's live, we knew a prayer had been answered. She and Thaylon love the grands as much as we do. Well, maybe. {a wink here}
And this would be our Jenny with her sons. Our Alabama babies. MarChelles has these old brick walls that have to be hundreds of years old. Ian and I were in the waiting area after dinner and I said, "Ian, look at this brick wall. It's very old." He crawled up on the sofa, reached out and tentatively touched it and replied, "I hope they washed it."
Noah James. A man after my own heart. The child loves to eat. I mean he really loves to eat! Here he is eating the cookies that came with his meal. And yes, he ate them before the meal. I just love it when one gets to eat what he wants when he wants. Kind of breaks up the routine and makes mealtime funner. (and yes I made that word up) Johnny teases me about my love for food because for the past week or so we've had to eat most meals out and I get up every morning planning where I want to go for breakfast, lunch, AND dinner!
Here's the group~John and me with Noah; Nancy and Thaylon Maddox; Kay and Kirk Mayfield, dear friends from Wadsworth; Johnny's sister JoAnn; Brandon and Ian (Jen was the photographer). No, Jo does not have her tongue sticking out and Kirk, along with Brandon, is watching a man playing the guitar. Just in case you're wondering. I would've been. Again, thank you everyone for coming and sharing this special time with us and thank you Brandon and Jenny for pulling it together and treating us to a scrumptious meal!


Marie said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I love meeting new friends! Looks like you had quite a crowd at dinner at MarChelles... I love that you took pictures. I am so bad about taking my camera out with me these days. :o/ Hope to "see" you around again!!

hollibobolli said...

Happy Anniversary - I love reading about your family.. you all look so happy. I love that you appreciate everyone and take the time to point out the sweet things about each person. It looks like a wonderful time.


Susie Harris said...

Happy Anniversary to yall!!!! You look so in love~~~~~ It's looks too like yall had some dun with the family and friends. Good for you! Glad yall had a nice time, Susie H~

The Feathered Nest said...

What wonderful photos Nancy!!! I'm so glad you were able to have a big celebration for your anniversary ~ I wish you many many more sweetie!!! xxoo, Dawn

Chad said...

Happy Anniversary. May God bless you with many more.

Susanne Goodin said...

Happy Anniversary! Dinner looked like a great time - I have never eaten there - I will have to check it out! I am happy for you and Johnny - heres to many many more years of happiness :)

Leah said...

Happy Anniversary tomorrow! What a wonderful accomplishment!!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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