What a Mess!

My brother and Johnny moved furniture this afternoon and made me even more thankful that God created me as a female and NOT a male! I got to stand around and hand them iced sodas and attempt to stay out of their way as they struggled with those heavy, heavy, awkward bookcases that I managed to talk him into moving into the study not long after we moved in to 204 Spruce!! He told me then he was never moving them again. Wrong. Of which, he reminded me several times today! Claire, you have no idea how close you came to getting a home that included a full set of bookcases~really, you were close. Now they are on their way over to deliver the furniture, bring some back for the yard sale, and will be taking the bed up to Nelson's. That is, if Nelson doesn't talk himself out of moving any more furniture tonight ;) The pretty-much-empty dining room. I'm taking one piece, and the card table is holding a few items that came out of the buffet and hutch that will travel across town with us.

Breakfast room is empty. High chair will go into storage until we hear that another grandbaby is on the way! Oh, and girls? Someone needs to be pregnant by Christmas {insert a smiling plea here}The entertainment center left a couple of weeks ago and this is the mess I still haven't plowed through and organized. Half of it needs to go directly to the trash bin. Jenny disagrees, saying someone somewhere will pay something for it. Maybe. I did. But then, my love for anything pretty or unusual or odd or loved or whatever! got me to the position I find myself now! There's just so much stuff!The bed will be going out tonight, if Nelson isn't too worn out. And he looked really really tired when they left a little while ago. Maybe it's because his relief didn't show up today at work and he had to stay an extra couple of hours at the Mill?! They are gone!! Gone. Gone. Gone. The bookcases are gone and there's a mess, mess, mess now to organize. I have a love for books and this is only half of what I had before the last yard sale.
I'm not sure much of this will be left behind or sold. Except for the mirror!! Claire? Anyone? The mirror's going to be in the yard sale!! Let me clarify something here ~ the sale will be held under the carport and in the detached garage!! I keep saying yard sale, but you'll have to walk down the drive.
Here's some of the stuff going with me!! See? I'm not leaving everything!Oh, and Jim? Yep. This is the bed you'll be sleeping on when you and Sue get here Sunday. If you're lucky, it might even be cleaned off~

UPDATE ~ Nelson and Johnny were too tired to take the bed apart and haul it up to the country, so we get to sleep on it tonight!! Whoo Hoo!! I think I'll tell him we want to keep it until the week we move. I just love that bed! In the apartment, we'll be sleeping on the one in the above picture, which is a nice bed BUT there's just something about that California King water bed.


Melissa Lester said...

Oh, this the part of moving that is not fun. I do not envy you for the packing and moving. But soon comes the new beginning, and that will be fun to see!

The Nester said...

love those stacked suitcases by your bed!

and those half packed/moved out rooms look entirely too familiar. I hope your move goes smoothly and that you enjoy your apartment while others mow the grass and fix the toilet if it goes south!

Can't wait to see what the future holds. Oh, and I love that you have the photos of your daughters and their families on your sidebar-what a great mom you are!

Jenny said...

Wow ~ you've gotten a lot done! I'll try to come by tomorrow after work or Saturday and pick up what's mine. I love you!

Lynne Griffies said...

Don't forget--let me know if there is anything I can do to help you when you move. Looks like things are going well so far. Love you girlfriend.

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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