A Neat Project & A Busy Day

Check out this idea for creating art! I found it at a new blog I'm stalking and just love it!! It's done with paint samples and after reading about it, I intend to hit the Sherwin Williams here in town. Oops, you did NOT just read this and you will NOT be going there to ask first. Right?! Project: Domestic Bliss, check it out. But of course, finish my post first!

By the way, I love blog hopping and would love for you to visit the 'NEWbies'. There are two {over on the left} that I added this week and I think you'll enjoy them. If you like arts and crafts, begin with The Feathered Nest and use Dawn's site as a jump off point to visit other sites with that theme. If home decor is your cup of tea, then visit Kimba at A Soft Place to Land or Susie at Bienvenue. Just be careful, this is an addictive pasttime. You just can't visit one. One always leads to another which leads to another. And that one opens the door to yet another. See where this is headed?
Here at our home, it was a busy day! And guess what!! I bought groceries! The first time. in. two. months!! Two months of eating out and really enjoying that, BUT I was hungry for a home that smelled like food, like roast, and fresh squash, and biscuits, and brownies. And now. it. does. Got the groceries put up {and we will NOT tell Johnny how much it cost to replenish two months of not buying anything}, got the roast on, baked three chicken breasts with a mediterranean seasoning, got that squash cooking with a sweet onion and some butter, added nuts to the brownie mix, and while that was cooking
I mopped the kitchen floor {it's a small area} and kept two loads of wash going. Rearranged our tiny little foyer, added a rug {guess who will be soooo glad when the outside construction work if finished!!} and even managed to read the newest People magazine while eating a deli sandwich. Am I a super woman or what? By the way, the umpteen pictures of the newest additions to the Jolie-Pitt family are precious. I'm such a sucker for celebrity and royalty articles. So sue me.
Now, if I were a really neat blogger there would be snapshots of the groceries on the counter, as well as snaps of the cut up squash, etc etc etc. Well, I was tired and just glad I had the energy to do what I did. I can remember less than a year ago, I couldn't even buy groceries without Jenny or Johnny. Hmm, I can remember not even caring if groceries were bought, much less if anything was cooked. Which reminds me that two years ago, there was a feeding tube through my nose. Wow, makes me glad my feet are hurting right now because I've been on them all day long {insert a huge smile here and a prayer of thanksgiving}.
The mirror hasn't gotten hung yet, but with Johnny on vacation you will see pictures soon. He has a 'honeydo' list and promises to get it all accomplished. So stay tuned, stay cool, and stay focused. And if you can't stay focused, then at least have some really neat and productive day dreams.

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Lynne Griffies said...

My goodness, girlfriend, you have indeed been busy!!!!!! Roast---that sounds soooooo good. I have not cooked a roast in forever! You have got me thinking that I need to do that soon.
That is a neat idea about the paint chips. Too bad you did not know about it when you and I were at Sherwin-Williams the other day.

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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