Anniversary of 9-11

I was in my second grade classroom, teaching a lesson, when an aide came to my door and pulled me aside. Telling me an airliner had just hit one of the Towers, I quickly got the children busy and stepped outside to call my husband on my cellphone. He answered on the first ring and was crying. He had just witnessed the second plane hit the second tower. We were scared and wondered what this meant. The four teachers I taught near gathered in the hallway, and shared information we'd gathered from the TV in the library and from news on the Net. Parents began checking their children out and memos came from the office updating us on county plans. The situation remained calm, but by noon half of my class had checked out. Thus it went for the rest of that week.

It was September 11th, and we lived almost a thousand miles away. However, our hearts, prayers, and thoughts remained on those as if they were our friends and neighbors~

Where were you?


Chad said...

I was on my way to Dr. Randolph's Bible class at Faulkner. I will never forget that day. Attending class was ever so difficult.

Shawna Hatfield said...

That was my 17th Birthday. A birthday I will never forget. I was a senior in Mr. Williamson's Government class and we pretty much stayed there all day watching the news. Now every year on my birthday we see all the sad memories. Not fun!

Stacia said...

I just want to thank you for what you did that day. Teachers have a big responsibility when things like this happen. Our children are our most precious posessions and you are there to make sure they stayed safe and distracted from all that was going on around them.

Melissa Lester said...

I was home with Carson, and Joe called me from Faulkner to tell me to turn on my TV. His sister lives in Manhattan and was out and about that day. Phone lines were jammed for several hours, but finally I was the first to reach her. She described walking home with soot thick in the air. She said it was eerily quiet as people made their way silently through the streets. I remember it like it was yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Nancy, I was holding my Mother's hand when she took her last breath at 4:50 p.m. 9/11/2008 ~Terri~

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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