A Blogger Par-Tay!!

Today, Kristy Busby and her two precious babes came into Prattville and to see me at Cute As A Button!! It was so much fun meeting her face to face, as we've only known each other through the blogging world! So we decided to ~

have a gathering of bloggers!!! Go to Kristy's home page and sign up if you're near the Montgomery area and can attend!! Here's some info, but to make it easy for us to get an accurate count leave a comment on Kristy's blog and be counted!! Hope to see you!!

It' a Saturday lunch, and any and all local bloggers that we know would be invited! I will begin by inviting all my local blog buddies: October 4th at 11:00am. Details will follow as to where we will meet. I am open to suggestions!

1. Please RSVP so that I know how many are interested and are able

2. Please nominate a restaurant! :) I HATE picking out where to eat!

3. Invite your local blogger friends - especially ones that follow bloggers that you know may be there

4. Be prepared to share your 3 favorite blogs - and why!


Graham Shenanigans said...

Nancy, I would love to be there. Not sure if I have to work or not. But if not, I would suggest East Side Grill.... They have the best grilled chicken caesar salad....yummy!!

Stacia said...

Wish I lived closer...That would be so much fun :-)

Heidi said...

Hi, I don't know you but I met Leigh Graham through blogfriends. I have always thought it would be neat to meet some local bloggers.
My name is Heidi and I will look at my schedule and see if I can meet with ya'll.

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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