Birthday Boy!

Our oldest grandson, by four months, turned five a few weeks ago. It seems like just last year we were driving over to meet him for the first time. He had a bit of jaundice and wore something that made him look just like a glow baby. We fell in love that day, and it's only grown stronger.

Here he is with his Aunt Leslie at Pump It Up. His party was held there and Leslie says he wore her out. I'm sure the kids had a blast and the adults wondered where their energy went!! I know for a fact, that the older I get the slower I move. I like to think of it as, 'well I want to make sure I don't miss something'. Yeah, right. As if we all believe that!!


linda said...

Happy Birthday wishes to your grandson...he is one handsome little guy!

I can't wait to become a grandmother but it's no where in sight darn it!

The Feathered Nest said...

Your grandson is just adorable Nancy! I hope he had great birthday party...time flies by so fast doesn't it?? xxoo, Dawn

Joy said...

The older I get the more I understand the saying that Youth is wasted on the young. I want the energy I had years ago with the knowledge I have today!

Cute grandson!

Graham Shenanigans said...

Nancy, he's adorable! They grow up sooooo fast!! Yes, the pictures are my girls. They are almost 16 and almost 14. I can't believe it!!

I am coming by the shop tomorrow, if all goes as planned. I have to get one of those Bama outfits before they are gone, only to be no more!! Are you going to be in? If so, I will see you then..

Leah said...

He's a cutie! My kids love PUMP it UP!!

BTW, regarding Carson in the picture, he was agrivated that we made him stop acting silly, that's why he was standing like that! BOYS!! What can I say?? :)

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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