Doors & Fountains~

The guys got our fountain finished and it looks so pretty at night! Here's a shot of it from our front door!! I can sit on our screened in porch and see it and there aren't any cars in the way! How nice is that?! Because of the way they placed the apartments and parking areas, most of the ones facing the lake have a clear view. WhooHoo!! and then, here's our front door. All dressed for the season~

by the way, there are two more posts under this one~I was on a roll tonight!


Stacia said...

It would take me over 3 hours to get to the lunch...I live in middle GA :-) But I would have loved to have come!! Hope you have a great time and take lots of pictures!! Love your front door BTW!!

Melissa Lester said...

Your front door looks so fresh and festive for the new season. I'll bet you have the cutest door around!

Stacia said...

I did make my header on scrapblog! It was so much fun :-)

Lynne Griffies said...

Your door looks great--where did you get the welcome sign?

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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