Beautiful Handwork

There's a new site for those of you interested in customized clothing!! I have seen Leigh's work and she does a beautiful job of finishing with details and coming up with one-of-a-kind outfits. Go to LeighLeigh's Boutique and check out the three items she has listed. You can visit her family site at Graham Shenanigans and see outfits she has made for family and friends. You won't find this at boutiques at the prices she has! In fact, Leigh if you're reading this, I personally think you're underpricing :) And I am so excited for you!!!


Graham Shenanigans said...

Thanks, Lady, for the shoutout. I am working on a new dress tonight and think it's gonna be soooo cute!! We will see. Look for a new pic tomorrow.

Nicole said...

How on earth do you keep up on four blogs! I can hardly keep up on one. I love your fountain, I think I might be outside every night admiring it. Love your black front door also, I really want to paint mine black!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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