Just A Little Update

Just an update ~ my surgeon cancelled today's appointment on the reasoning that he wants me cleared by my cardiologist before setting a surgery date. I see that doctor October 7th and upon clearance from him, will see the surgeon and set a date to get this incision hernia repaired. If you've ever had a hernia repaired, please, do NOT comment on anything negative {big smile here} as I read too much online last night about the difficulty of this surgery and it's lengthy recovery period. I have decided I am going to be an exception to the norm and I don't need naysayers clouding my vision {wink, wink} I promise to keep you updated, as I will be calling you as prayer warriors.

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Lynne Griffies said...

I'm sorry that you had your appointment cancelled, but at least the ball is now rolling toward you getting this hernia problem solved. I just know that everything will work out well for you and I will be glad when this is all behind you. I love you girlfriend.

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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