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Guess What! I found a new shop! Well, okay, so I didn't find it. In fact, it took both Patti and Jenny mentioning it for me to finally get downtown and check it out. Well, alright so that wasn't exactly the truth either. I went downtown to get another casserole to stick in the freezer. What, you ask. At Fanci Free, you can not only have a yummy meal in their soda shoppe, but you can take dinner home with you! They have the best entrees and sides you can wrap your lips around. And the bestest part is, you don't have to cook it!! Just slide those aluminum pans in the oven and relax as your home fills with a home cooked odor. My kind of meal~here's their menu!
Then, walking back to the car, I glanced across the street and saw it. Victoria's Boutique. Bingo, my memory kicked in and I stepped out onto the street, and had two vehicles come to a complete stop. Hm, guess that's why one should always look both ways~I found the cutest short swing coat, in Bama houndstooth no less!, and another key holder, a silver elephant for you Tide Fans. If you don't have a key holder, you really need to get you one. It loops over your purse edge, saving your fingernails as you dig through a 'too-big-and-everything-falls-to-the-bottom" purse! Here's my finds!

Only $10, it's nice and heavy and she has other designs as well. The tiger head was way cool, but not my style during football season~
A bit more than $10, but it's wool, lined, and I can already see myself with wide legged black pants, heels, and a soft black turtleneck.
Down at Carol Brooks Antiques, I found these adorable seasonal towels and even used the ribbon on the package to wrap around the towels~both for less than $19! {and the towels are huge feed sack material!!}
I also bought a dough bowl that caught my eye. I grew up watching my grandmother Yarbrough mix her yeast roll and biscuit dough in a nice round deep one and it now sits in Jen's kitchen with fruit, or snacks, or pocket change, whatever she happens to need it to be~
Carol's dough bowls are handmade in the USA and no two are alike. Mine was only $39 and I love it! Look at the darkened detail~the neat tile in the back is something Jenny gave me and it mirrors my belief.
Of course, I had to go back and get towels for the months of November and December. And maybe even January. Nah, I'll find another before then~

Cute As A Button will be moving downtown soon and I'm looking forward to having another favorite store on Main Street!


Kelly said...

We have a place not too far from us that has meals prepared you can bring home and freeze or you can go in and prepare them yourself. It is called Super Suppers. I have only gone once, prepared one meal and bought 3 others. Yummy.
I like the jacket. I love the seasonal towels and your tile and bowl. I could also use one of those key holders, my keys are always lost in my purse.
Great finds you got, it is always fun to get new things.

Lynne Griffies said...

I did not know about Fanci Free--it sounds like my kind of shop. I hardly ever cook anymore, so I know I will be checking it out. I went downtown just yesterday and went into Main Street Interiors. They have a 50 percent off sale going on right now--on EVERYTHING in the store. They are trying to sell everything so they don't have to move it to their other store. They are going to put in a childrens' store in this location---did you know that?
Your new jacket is really pretty. You made a lot of great purchases. I wanted to go to Carol Brooks yesterday, but they are closed on Mondays. Oh well, I can go back and then check out Fanci Free! :)

Leah said...

Great finds!!

Melissa Lester said...

What great treasures you found! I wish the soda shop was closer to us. Their prices seem really reasonable for a home-cooked meal. Sometime I must go to P'ville for a visit!

Graham Shenanigans said...

cute cute stuff....i felt the need to go private with my blog for awhile. i don't mind sharing with you but didn't have an email address with which to send you an email is or

Haley said...

Cute finds..... I really like the jacket... I have always wanted a houndstooth something.... maybe one day.... ;) and we will be praying about the surgery... you are such a strong woman I know everything will be fine!

Mrs. B said...

Oooh, fun stuff! Love that jacket. And Fanci Free sounds like a great place. Wish I had something like that here!

Stacia said...

Cute stuff! Love the jacket and bowl the best :-) When we were in Pratville for my cousin Lacey's wedding in Aug. I so wanted to hit the stores but we just did not have the time!! If I ever get back there I will make a point to come to Cute as a Button :-)

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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