Layla & Cute As A Button Sale!

Today was such fun!! I got to meet Layla and Kevin!!! WhooHoo!! and not only that, but I got a gorgeous nightstand from her online home sale for only $30!!! I called Johnny on my way home and told him to meet me in the drive to get a piece of furniture out of the back seat. I knew he'd be wearing a frown. And I was soooo right, BUT you should have see that frown quickly become a grin when he saw how nice it is and that it was going on HIS side of the bed! I have a happy camper here tonight, folks. I'll post a pic later tonight as I still need to rearrange the side of my bed in order to move it all a bit {remember, apartments are not on the 'big' side}

Layla and Kevin are such a sweet couple with dreams that I just know will become reality for them. If you haven't voted for her today, and you can vote once a day!, please click here, view her video and vote for her! I just know she'll be on TV one day and can give a shout out to our historic town! Go, Layla and The Lettered Cottage!! Tonight she has some pics of Halloween decor and she mentions dough bowls. Well, if you're local then visit Carol Brooks Shoppe downtown!! Her store is the old 'Hope's' location and she has many dough bowls to choose from. Great prices, too!

And, for those of you that love to shop at Cute As A Button, Patti won't be moving until later in October (due to extensive construction) SO she's decided to bring in fall and holiday items NOW!! AND, in order to make room for it, starting tomorrow the 40% sale items will now be 50%!!!! and she's adding gift items and accessories!! I can't wait to go tomorrow and find out what else is now on sale!

The weather? It's definitely cooler! and I'm lovin' it. Love the breezes, love the leaves falling, love the rainy, overcast days. I hope your day has held many moments of laughter for you today and may you find sweet rest tonight~


Graham Shenanigans said...

I will come by the shop today. It's so nice to have a coupla days off. I am working on a new outfit. If I finish it, I will have to bring it down and show you!! See you after while!!

Kristi said...

I can't wait to see that piece of furniture!

Chris said...

You lucky. duck. Layla and I have wanted to meet for some time now, so I am sooooo envious that you got to meet her--AND Kevin! I'm envious that you have such a cute store. It sound amazing!

Layla said...

It was an absolute DELIGHT to meet you too!
Kevin and I enjoyed chatting with you so's always good to spend some time with another "SECRET" person! :-)

Glad the hubby liked the nightstand too!


~ from The Letter Writer ~

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