Okay, so I just. have. to. share. this!!! It's too cute not to. {For those of you that read Jenny's blog, you've already laughed.} Here it is, in Jenny's words~

I’m slowly emptying some boxes that have been packed for over a year and a half. I unpacked 2 boxes of toys and it was like Christmas around here! Noah found a remote control Tonka truck. He kept holding the control upside down to his face and saying “CHEESE!”

Told you it was funny.

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Heather said...

This was just too funny. What an imaginiation!

I didn't pay for any of the background items on my blog. (I'm too cheap for that) I actually visted the site that is listed at the top of your blog layout (apparently where you got your background). And I just created my title box in Photoshop.

Love you!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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