We are all very thankful that this,
and this,
only resulted in bruised bodies,
and outward injuries no worse than this,
and this.
It was a true blessing
that the accident occurred
right in front of a fire station
that had a dear friend of ours in charge,
and another good friend
as a fireman.
No one went to the hospital,
but they all went
to the chiropracter Saturday morning,
and other than bruising
and massive soreness,
the car is the only loser.
Thank God~
Truly, we thank God.


Kelly said...

Sorry about the car, but awesome they walked away with just a few bruises. It is amazing how God works.
They are in my thoughts and prayers for speedy heeling and better feeling bodies.

Kelly said...

Sorry about the car, but it is awesome that no one was hurt beyond a few bruises and sore bodies.
They will be in my prayers for a speedy recovery and for finding a new vehicle son.

Lynne Griffies said...

I am so very glad that they were all okay except for the bruises. I know it was so scary for all of them and for you when you found out about it.

Stacia said...

I saw these pictures on Jenny's facebook page and just thanked God that they walked away with such little injuries! It is still so pitiful to see Noah with those bruises... I know you must have been sick seeing the van in the shape it was in...God was truely watching over them!!

The Feathered Nest said...

Oh dear Nancy!!! I'm so glad everyone was ok...I'm so sorry they have those bruises, thank the Lord they are all safe and sound ~ xxoo, Dawn

Haley said...

Yes, to God be the glory, b/c by the look of that car its a miracle that they were all safe! He is amazing and keeps his children safe!

Leah said...

AMEN! So glad that they are ok!

Haley said...

Do you know about how many ladies will be at the bloggin' lunch on saturday? I wanted to bring each person a little partylite gift. :)

Graham Shenanigans said...

Omigosh, Nancy! Glad to hear everyone was okay! Poor little man with the bruises! God is truly a miraculous God!! Praises to Him!!

Haley said...

That would be great if I could ride with you.... I have never been to the place that we are meeting for lunch. What time do I need to be at your apartment? Is Jenny coming too?

Heather said...

That is terrible! I am so glad that everyone is ok, except for the bruises. I'm sure they were quite sore. Yes, PRAISE THE LORD they all walked away. I know that terrified you. Love to you all!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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