Busy day! But a good one. We spent much of the morning at the Social Security office in Montgomery and got everything accomplished in one visit!! WhooHoo!! {thank you, Leigh, for being in the right career field!}

John had to go in early to work, so I headed downtown to check out the new location of Cute As A Button. It's going to be soooo cute!! and so much larger!! and it smells like new paint!! I'm lovin' it. Those of you that know me also know that new paint, new decor, and moving delights my senses. Moving date is somewhere around the middle of October! For those of you that live in the Prattville area, feel free to add it to your side bar as a place to visit and shop!

I just spoke with Jen and they are on their way home from Birmingham, with a "new, used" vehicle and she sounded like she was in love. Ian is not feeling well, and Jen is still pretty bruised and sore. Brandon's soreness has subsided somewhat and I heard Noah singing in the background so he's good to go. Ian has suffered with a high fever and sore throat off and on all weekend, so please pray that he doesn't have strep or mono. Yes, that's right! Mono!! I've heard just this weekend of two small age children with mono! So sad, since that can have a devastating effect on one's body.

Hope all of you had a really nice weekend, thank you so much for your comments and your prayers, and may our Lord give back just as much to you. Here's hoping the week brings much laughter to your household.

And just to leave you with a bit of a smile, or maybe a grand belly laugh and a great hurrah ~ you know that so called "blackout" they had in Georgia this past week? Well, it was taken care of Saturday by the Alabama power company!


Stacia said...

We had such a blast watching the 'blackout' game!! Darren is so excited to have bragging rights at the police department since most of them are GA fans.
I'll be praying for little Ian...I hope it's just a little virus.

Kelly said...

I hope that Ian is feeling better.
I love the name Ian and Noah. We almost named our son Noah, but went a different route, obviously. I still love the name. And Ian is on our list for a middle name for a future boy if we are so blessed.
Glad they were able to find a car so quickly.
All is well for a monday.
Have a great rest of the week.

Graham Shenanigans said...

Prayers to the sick baby!! Love the Alabama/Georgia joke, adorable! Wesley actually got to go to the game. He came home hoarse from all of the cheering!!

Leah said...

Mark did not love the blackout!! It was a good game!!

Hope Ian is feeling better today!

Shannon said...

I'm so glad everyone is ok and feeling better!!

Kristi said...

I am sending reminders to everyone who has RSVP'd for the party. I have only spent around $10.00 for decorations so far - so don't worry about it. I did think it would be fun to have some pumpkins or gords scattered about the tables - if they wouldn't be to big... what do you think?

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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