Yearbook Yourself!

Upon reading Jennifer (McAfferty) Marks latest post, and thinking how much like her they look! I decided to check it out for myself. Jennifer was the third blogger I've read that did this, and I have to admit, it is fun! Several of them look pretty much as I did during those days and the 1950's shot looks too much like my grandmother!!! YIKES! The 60's looked so much like my mom I almost didn't share it!!! I much prefer looking like me. So, here you go ~ and yes, you can laugh at me all you want. Just as long as you go to Yearbook Yourself, upload your own face, and share with us what YOU looked like during the ages!
During our high school days, we all wanted to either have this cute short look OR we wore it straight and flipped up at the ends~
When Jenny was about 4, this look was the one we all yearned to have naturally. Unfortunately for me, I had to pay to have perms, layers, and expensive hairspray to maintain this look! Believe it or not, I did have hair like this!! Within two years of beginning my teaching career, however, I'd lost much of it and it's never returned. Hmmm ~
and this is almost scary. But it looks much like I see myself these days~
YIKES, it's my mother!!! who is an attractive woman, but no female wants to look like her mother! Do they?

and nobody, nobody, nobody wants to look like their grandmother!


Sheri said...

Ha! These are hilarious! I'm so glad your kids and babies are okay! That's crunched up van is a heartstopper!

Lynne Griffies said...

those last two are hoots!!!!! you really do look like your mom in the next to the last one!

The Marks Family said...

HILARIOUS! Love the 80s bangs...I think that I had those when I was in your class. Isn't this a fun site?!?! Have a great weekend! Oh...Love your fountain!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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