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So, Leslie called tonight and she was so happy to hear me sounding stronger and better than I have since the accident! Jenny came by after bible study with Brandon and the boys and they both said the same thing! Yay, I'm getting back to me. Now for the 'joke's on you' deal.

Leslie asked what pain med they sent home with me and I replied, as I did here on the last post, what it was. She sounded puzzled, so I got up and read to her what the label said. Well, there is a dash and four letters AFTER the Oxiwhatever, which makes all the difference in the world. The reason I feel the same relief with Xtra Strength Tylenol is that the pain meds are on the same level!! argh, and here I've been thinking "wow, these make me sleep so good". Leslie assured me they will help me feel a bit better and yes I am probably sleeping better but it's most likely because I'm up and about more now than I was.

The power of the mind. A powerful agent. Of course, I'd love for him to ask me if I need another prescription for pain tomorrow. {wink, wink} Kristi!! What can I ask for that will be stronger??!!

Tomorrow morning the staples come out and then I think I'll come home for a nice long nap. John's nuclear stress test is tomorrow afternoon and although they don't think his problem lies with the cardio factor, they want to rule it out. Please keep him in your prayers. His family is riddled with heart problems and he is the only one to have avoided it. We want to keep it that way~

And aren't you just loving this weather?! We'll be in Gatlinburg the second week of November and found out this afternoon that my brother will be there then as well!! He and his wife are taking her parents up there, so we'll have lots of fun tramping around the town and taking in the views. I'll take pics to share!! Enjoy your Thursday and I do hope you find many moments to laugh out loud!

Jennifer! I love you, too, and know you'll have the cutest little cowboy on the block this weekend!!

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Heather said...

I just had to laugh! Now why did Leslie have to go and spoil your fun. She could've at least let you "think" you were taking some really good meds! Hope they are helping you feel better anyway.

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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