Some Recent Family Snaps~

Jen's son, Ian, with his pirate face
{Pumpkin Patch trip}
Jenny, Noah, & Ian at a Halloween party
{Kim & Todd Wheeler's annual sheabang!}
Stacey's princess and Spiderman!
{Alaina and Austin!}
Stacey & Leslie traveled to New Orleans this past weekend with a couple of friends and family members. They had such fun and said the weather was so cooperative! I'm overdue for some Mississippi pampering!!
Our golden haired child, Noah.
I will definitely cry when these curls
are no longer attached to this sweet, sweet head~


Jenny said...

Kim & Todd Wheeler :)

Me said...

oops :) It's Holly and JOHN Gay, isn't it?!

Kelly said...

I live your new background.
What precious pictures of your family. Thanks for sharing.
What a great "paint" job on Pirate Ian. (too cute)

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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