This snapshot is not the sharpest pic on the block,
but it's the cheapest electric candle you'll find!
I ran to Kirkland's this afternoon to check out
the SALE items ~ and of course,
it's Halloween items!
These items were 50% off
and less than $6 each!
And these next two were just too cute! It's been a grand day~my surgeon was pleasantly surprised
to see me healing so well and says I won't have to come back
unless the lower incision develops a hernia.
{Yeah, I know! what a thing to tell someone
recovering from hernia surgery!}
John got his nuclear stress test completed and right now?
Well, right now we're sitting here
enjoying a gorgeous fall afternoon
and waiting for two of the cutest
little trick or treaters in Alabama!
Brandon & Jen took the boys to the CandyWalk
downtown and are swinging by here to collect
trick or treat loot. I know,
it's a day early,
but why not celebrate off and on all week?!
That's the way I celebrate birthdays!
and Christmas??? Shoot.
I celebrate Christmas from the first of December
until the first of February!!
So what did YOU do today?!


Stacia said...

Love your Kirkland finds!! My mom has those candles and I have the rocker that says 'Spooky' and we got Hailey's teacher the 'Boo' one!! And at 50% off you can't beat it!! Glad your apt. went well!! I'm sure you are going to heal just fine :-) Happy Halloween

Graham Shenanigans said...

Wish I had a day off to go to Kirkland's. I could do some serious damage with fall decorations. I LOVE Fall.

Lynne Griffies said...

I am so thrilled that you got a good report from your surgeon today. And glad that you got to enjoy this beautiful fall day--tho it felt a bit more like a spring day to me! What did I do today, you ask. Well, I cleaned two houses--one of which was Dana's! Yes, THE DANA! And her house is absoulutely beautiful. You would love it!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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