We're off for a week of total relaxation and enjoyment!
John and I have been traveling to the Gatlinburg
area for 25 years and go several time each year.
We never tire of it.
Keep us in your prayers for a safe trip
and I'll check in with you upon our return
and post some fall snapshots of the area.
My brother, Nelson, and his wife are also going,
which will make the trip that much more fun.
{That didn't sound like correct English. Oh well}
talk to you later!


Kelly said...

Have a wonderful and safe trip.
I could move to Gatlinburg. It is BEAUTIFUL!!!
The hubs and I got married there and want to go back again, possibly in the spring.
Do you stay in the mountains?
Wish I were going with you.
Have a BLAST!!!

Stacia said...

Have a wonderful time!! Enjoy your company and the beautiful sceanery! Make sure to tell us all about it once you get back :-)

Graham Shenanigans said...

Hope you have a ball! I would LOVE a trip to anywhere about right now!! Maybe soon. Anyway, I saw Ms. Patti at the Mistletoe Market and she said you now have an infection. Is it better? What's going on?? Do tell.

southern queen bee said...

What a wonderful time of year to go. We went when our chidren were smaller. Who can forget Dollywood at nap time...Relax and have fun. Missy

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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