“…It’s about how Jesus came to be born once, so that we could be born again”

If you would do one thing before you leave your computer, I would urge you to click here and visit our daughter's site tonight. It is a moving message.

John and I are spending less this year and giving more of our time. We spent this afternoon with Jenny and her family eating lightly and playing games. No TV, no radio ~ just us, the little ones, and some games. Lots of laughter and love. And it only cost us the price of some sandwiches and a cheesecake. Heart memories were made. We will do the same in January when our whole family gathers to celebrate with each other.

A friend of mine, Jon Atchison, asked if I'd heard of The Advent Conspiracy. I had not, but what I've read so far speaks to my heart. I asked, in an earlier blog, if any of you had heard of it. No one responded so I am assuming no one has. This movement simply asks that you consider spending less on items that aren't needed and donate that money where it can be utilized in a way that would glorify our Lord and King. Here is the short video from their Home page~

I know our daughters well enough to know that they expect nothing at Christmas. Really, they just love to get together, eat, laugh, and share. It is we who like to give {especially me!!} This year, we made the decision to spend more quality time and less money. I bet you feel as we do and that you are taking steps along these same lines. The economy has a bit to do with it, but nonetheless, we intend to make this a lifelong commitment. Again, visit Jenny's site. You'll be blessed to have watched and listened.

Merry Christmas and I pray that all that have visited here will have a safe and happy time with loved ones~

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Merry Christmas!!

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