This is a snapshot of the school grounds where our Stacey teaches 11th graders. Look at the snow! And this was before the buses began leaving! School turned out fairly early Thursday in Pearl, Mississippi. Lucky souls.
Alaina and Austin had such fun playing outside. Here's our sweet grandaughter with her winter set on!
And this gorgeous view is from their driveway looking back toward the subdivision entrance. Can you imagine how envious I am at this moment as I see these pictures once more? I've already had hot chocolate this evening and am waiting for some wild rice soup to simmer and cook through. The weekend ahead will a busy one, but a cold one, and one that will find me surrounded by family and friends. What more can a person want?
S.N.O.W. that's what!
I'm still a wishin' and a hopin'~


Susie Harris said...

We got some... can you believe it! South Louisiana. Oh I hope you get some too~

Judy said...

Good mornin' Ms. Nancy! I didn't realize until the news last night that Prattville had their parade yesterday too. I hope they don't have it on the same day as Wetumpka next year b/c I'd love to come to the Prattville parade. I saw it on the news at 10:00.

That snow looks devine in your pictures but I don't think we'll see any of it any time soon although it would be really nice to have a white Christmas!


Graham Shenanigans said...

My oldest daughter had a birthday party last night and all the teenagers had a shaving cream fight in our front yard, and our neighbor's front yard and the other neighbor's front yard, and a couple more neighbor's yards too. The whole block had shaving cream spattered everywhere. It looked like half-melted snow. I even saw our police next-door neighbor out with a flashlight trying to figure out if it was snow...LOL!!! It looked real!!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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