Game of Tag ~ 2008

Looking back at this time last year, I found this and thought it would be interesting to search my memory and heart to answer the following ~ what was 2008 like?!

An unexpected blessing ~ our home on Spruce sold in ten days for way more than we ever dreamed of asking! Thank you, God and Carol Lemon! We listed it on a whim, never dreaming it would become a reality!

Feeling important ~ After a wedding this summer, several things were made crystal clear and I am stronger for that. Remembering what I experienced in The Garden continues to give me confidence, strength and perseverance. My walk with the King is more precious and I know where I shall reside once I pass from this life~I don't feel important but I do feel very comforted.

Craziest thing I did ~ Gave away, gave away, gave away!!! When we moved out of Spruce, we gave away more than I ever dreamed we would do. Some good friends of ours have a booth at a local spot and what she didn't sell, she kept. What we didn't give away, we sold for a song and a dance. It felt so good to move with about as much as we had when we married!

Smartest thing I did ~ Decided to continue with my counseling sessions, realizing that you just don't take care of issues in a year and a half that are 50 years in the making~

Sentimental moment ~ the last dance in the kitchen with Johnny at Spruce and our first dance in the kitchen here in our apartment. I love you, my Johan.

Most enjoyable gift ~ While on a trip to see our Mississippi girls and babies, Leslie invited us to worship and it was one of the most moving and spirit-filled experiences. It is now an expected part of each visit.

Craziest purchase turnabout ~ When the house sold so quickly, we truly had NO idea what we would do. There was nothing on the market we liked as well as what we'd sold. We may build, we may stay, or we may move downtown.

Moments of maturity ~ This year has proven that no matter how much you try to love someone and protect someone, sometimes it just isn't enough.

Huge answers to prayer ~ Our daughters and their families are healthy, safe, and raising their babes to praise our Creator! The surgery and its recovery during October and November was much easier than we ever expected! I have been released from all the specialists and now only have to check in annually!

Consider yourself tagged! Please tell me about your 2008 or leave mea comment so I can visit your blog! Happy New Year!

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Sheri said...

I love reading your blog! Growing up at Holtville, I always knew who you were, but never knew anything about you. Finding your blog and learning about you has been a sweet surprise this year!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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