Looking Ahead~

Looking ahead to 2009,
here are some of my wants & wishes~
4 Places I Want To See
Snowbird, Utah
Paradise, Montana
Boston, MA
The Grand Canyon
4 Things I Want To Accomplish
Read the entire Bible
Organize our garage!
Eat carefully & exercise more
Be in a position to buy a loft downtown
4 Dreams I Pray Come True
Babies will be welcomed into our family
Leslie will marry a loving, Christian man
The recession will end
Our Nation will turn back to God
4 Things I Want to Enjoy
A quiet center in life's busyness
Good health
Sharing the beauty & peace in the Garden
Dances in the kitchen
4 Wishes for You
To find the peace you need
To know His Love and abounding Grace
Good health for you & yours
Many moments of laughter


Stacia said...

I wish you a very Happy New Year! It's great to have these things written down...when God blesses us we can go back and see what has been answered and how :-)

Susan said...

Wonderful post!

I wish all your wishes come true!

Heidi said...

Born in Boston, been many times, family still lives there. Hope you get to go it is a wonderful place. What a great list. I love all of your things....

The Feathered Nest said...

Such beautiful wishes sweet Nancy!!! I pray you have a wonderful, happy and healthy new year!!! Everyday is truly a gift isn't it? Sweet Emily hasn't been keeping her blog anymore ~ maybe she'll pick it back up but for now she is in total baby mode!! We're all so excited, can you believe the due date is only 11 weeks away now!! Happy Sunday Nancy, hugs, xxoo, Dawn

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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