I am so excited! {Of course, Johnny says it does NOT take much to excite me.} BUT, Cute As A Button is getting, this week!, these great closet organizers!! I first became aware of them when Jenny was pregnant with Ian and someone gave a set to her as a gift. Through the years I noted how she kept his clothes sized as she shopped for sales, etc. She would just go to the closet, insert them behind the correct size, and voila! She never wondered again what sizes she had!

I think they are the bomb, and I know that terminology dates me, but honestly I am so excited that Cute As A Button is now carrying them! Two colors are available and of course it's pink and blue!

I would really appreciate it if you would visit Patti's website by clicking here , checking out the page, and becoming a follower! And whenever you are in Prattville, come downtown and visit!
It's a happy place to be!

On another note, a health note,
both of us are finally to the point that there are not
millions of tissues on the floor,
our kitchen cabinet doesn't look like a pharmacy,
and we can sleep near each other without,
well okay,
one of us is always punching the other because of snoring.
I blame mine on sinuses being totally stopped.
Johnny isn't buying that, claiming I snore period.
Imagine! Me?! Snoring?!
I think not.
Besides, how would he know??
He's snoring too loudly to hear anything!
And I think I'll say goodnight on that one!


Stacia said...

Glad you guys are feeling better! I realized yesterday that I hadn't given the kids cough meds in over a week! Yea!!! Hope we are done for a while. Love the closet organizers!! I never had any but that is exactly how I organized both my kids clothes when they were little and they had multiple sizes at one time. It is a great way to make sure you know what you have!

Stacia said...

P.S. I made those picture collages with Scrapblog.com it's a great site!

Susie Harris said...

How neat is that! Why do they always come up withthe neatest ideas after your kids are too old... Guess thats why you have grandbabies, smile!

Kelly said...

those are reat. I could still use them.
Too bad Alabama is so far from me. ;)
I may just have to order online.
Thanks for sharing this great find.

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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