My sweet friend, Kelly from Close to Home, tagged me to share with you my top four in each of the categories listed. As I am much older than her, heehee, I am sure mine will not be nearly as interesting as hers, but here goes ~ {and I wonder if you will see your name as one tagged by me!}

Outstanding memories of 2008 ~
1 ~ the total beauty and fun of Christmas in January, 2008!
2 ~ feeling useful once more as I helped a new best friend in her boutique
3 ~ making some really special new friends through the blogging world
4 ~ the blessing of the unexpected (and awesome!) sale of our home, releasing 25 years of material items, and unencumbering our life

Favorite movies of 2008 ~(I go to few movies, so some are from Netflix
1 ~ 27 Dresses
2 ~ Righteous Kill
3 ~ Made of Honor
4 ~ Nights in Rodanthe

Favorite foods of 2008 ~
1 ~ Thursday nights Turkey & Dressing at Cracker Barrel
2 ~ the breakfast skillets at Cracker Barrel!
3 ~ one of the new pasta entrees at Olive Garden
4 ~ Leslie's chili and anything Jenny made!

Favorite places of 2008 ~
1 ~ our home, whether it was the house on Spruce or our apartment on Hwy 14, it was still home
2 ~ as always, Gatlinburg, the place of our dreams
3 ~ Target (Jenny introduced me to some really nice departments!}
4 ~ Brandon, Mississippi

Events of 2008 ~
1 ~ the sadness with the miscarriage Jenny & Brandon suffered
2 ~ the election of our first African-American president
3 ~ our first grandson entered kindergarten (I have heart pangs with the rapid growth of these little one I am so infatuated with)
4 ~ Johnny and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary with dear family members and friends

Things I liked in 2008 ~
1 ~ being able to repair my cute little BMW, rather than get another!
2 ~ moving into the apartment and having so many amenities, such as an awesome pool setting for the grandbabies to enjoy
3 ~ seeing the fruits of countless counseling sessions & not feeling guilty for needing help dealing with three life changing issues
4 ~ realizing that retirement is an awesome stage of life & enjoying it!

Things I look forward to in 2009 ~
1 ~ growth within our family
2 ~ eating and living healthier
3 ~ making the decision whether to buy in Gatlinburg or Brandon
4 ~ getting to know our new little ones (hey, we have a whole new year and I am not to the point of having enough grandbabies!)

I would love to know if you accept this tag by leaving me a comment so I can visit you and read yours! But the following I tag specifically!

Kelly at The Craziness We Call Life
Kristen at The Stabler Family
Lynne at Pages From Our Life (and you have GOT to explore her page and look at some of her beautiful photographs; I have one framed!), and finally
Abbie at The Greer Family Blessings


Kelly said...

thanks for playing along.
It is always fun to learn more about our sweet fellow bloggers.

Melissa Lester said...

What great memories you shared. I hope 2009 will hold many blessings for you!

Lynne Griffies said...

Ok--I accepted your tag and posted my answers on my blog. :)

Alecia said...

Nancy- You tagged Kristen and Kristen tagged me can cheack out my answers @ !

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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