Jenny works at Cute As A Button,
and today she came to help
with a large shipment.
And Noah came along!
The shipment was late arriving,
and we enjoyed sitting with Noah~
one of his favorite books~
I loved watching them.
and she loved sneaking kisses~
My turn!
Oh, and get a good look
at those thunder thighs.
I WILL lose twenty pounds by
the end of the year and
get toned up as well!
Noah wanted a 'nack'
and he knows we keep
'goldfish' in the kitchen.
His idea of eating is to stuff
his mouth before Ian can get any.
Ian wasn't even here, but Noah
still stuffs. Regardless.
I asked Jenny to get a shot
of Noah in his new outfit.
We have a photo album at the shoppe
for kids in CAAB clothing.
This is as good as it got.
Noah took this one himself!
and ate off and on as he ran
back and forth when he heard
the bell ring. He'd call out,
'Coot as a butn!'
I'm so in love~
We didn't finish checking in
the shipment ~ it was huge!
But we truly enjoyed
our time together!

UPDATE! I haven't lost twenty pounds yet, but I've lost 16!! I WILL be under 150 by 2010!


Amanda Mae said...

No worries! I am a HUGE procrastinator!

Cute pics of Noah...he's precious :o)

Heather said...

I'm totally going to have to come back by and check out the new shipment. I saw glimpses of some adorable outfits in the background of the photos!!! :)

Jennifer said...

Your hair looks great by the way - looks like you "mastered" it! :)

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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