One of My Bad Habits!

"To this day, Coca-Cola uses an ingredient from coca leaf extract prepared by a Stepan Co. plant in New Jersey, using a process monitored by the DEA. Because cocaine is naturally present in coca leaves, today's Coca Cola uses 'spent', or treated, coca leaves that have been through a cocaine extraction process, in order to flavor the beverage. The drink contains trace amounts of this stimulant and remains under FDA watchful eye. Chair heads have been forewarned that any addition to the syrup will classify it as an illegal drug." ~ Reader's Digest

So yes, Amanda, we have good reasons to love this drink. And yes, it also is great at cleaning your car battery, too!! But give it up entirely, well, I am just not there yet, but I am trying!! We'll be each other's support group!

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Kelly said...

Life is not life w/o an icy coke!

Amanda Mae said...

We will definitely be each other's support...or maybe it would just be more fun to enjoy a nice cold coke together sometime :o)

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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