I'm Addicted To ~

I am addicted to quite a few things, and I'll outline them a bit later. First, though, this idea came from Teale who got it from Amanda. It made me stop and think about mine, so now it's my turn to ask "what's your addictions?" Here's mine ~

**the blogging world ~ what began as a journal during counseling for PTSD (and no, THAT blog is NOT for public review - too much information, too much pain) became a journal of our life for close friends and family members. John and I pretty much dropped out of sight the first two years after the accident. It became a line to the outside world. This addiction also includes blog hopping, which has led me to some great friendships across the nation, and even to luncheons and dinners with friends I never would have met otherwise!

**Facebook ~ I've reconnected with friends I haven't seen since high school, students I have taught and now have children of their own, and parents of students that became some of our best friends. It's also been a great way to keep up with those within our congregation that I love but don't see often enough. Isn't that sad! When you worship in a large open space with lots of exit doors, it's difficult to see everyone you'd love to see!

**an icy classic coke ~ prior to the accident I loved this drink; after the accident I craved this drink. Almost as much as I craved the pharmaceutical 'cocktail' I was given 24/7 for 77 days! And yes, I salivate when I see one on TV or when I think about one. Like now! (and yes, I just asked John if there's a drink machine on the property)

**dinnerware ~ cannot pass up salad and dessert plates; oversize dinner plates; chargers; and table linen. I have to admit since the accident, this addiction is under control now. I do NOT set a table like I did the first 23 years of our marriage and this is the first time we haven't had a formal dining room. With the girls on their own, we haven't missed one.

**magazines ~ with Books A Million right across the street, it's become even worse. So much so, that Jenny has told me she doesn't need anymore. Throw in there, hard copies of novels by James Patterson, John Grisham, Nicholas Sparks and Richard P. Evans, paperbacks of P. Cornwell, Tom Clancy, Mary H. Clark, and others. Love love love to read.

**driving ~ give me an open road, a great car that handles well, awesome cd's, and a coke in the drink rest. I'm good for 6-8 hours!

**flip flops ~ any color, any style, as long as I can get it off my foot easily ~ enough said

**House Hunters International ~ love this show! and envision myself shopping and arguing with why they chose the wrong house!

**spending money on home decor, daughters, & grandbabies ~ not much to say here except I am really really trying to be better. I promise, John. I really am better. I cannot tell you the last time I went in Kirkland's, although Cute As A Button is still a killer.

Let's end now with what is NOT a weakness ~

**the phone ~ I hate spending any length of time on a phone. I may talk to you several times a day, but it will be just a couple of minutes, at the most, each time. Any longer, and you've lost my attention. In fact, I have asked John quite a few times if we can do without the land line. He's not crazy about that, as I am known to leave my cell in the car, in the purse, in a pocket, you name it, it's been there. He has threatened to nail it to my body. I love having the connection, just not crazy about long connections.

So, what are your weaknesses? Leave me a comment directing me to your blog if you decide to use this as a jumping off point for a post of your own.


Teale said...

I also am drawn to pretty dinnerware... even though we have little to no extra cabinet space in which to store it. We watch house hunters international too!

Leah said...

I think we are kindred spirits...literally, I have almost all the same addictions!!

Heidi said...

I think we are kindred too Nancy... I appreciated your call today sooo much. It meant more to me than you know!

I am addicted to Facebook (but am cut off in the hospital except on my cell) :(
also flip flops - love em
Coke - only soft drink, blogs, photography, shoppping for Lily:-)
also the t.v. shows Office, Medium and SVU

Love ya!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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