Slinky, A Wonderful Toy ~

How many of you had this amazing toy?
It took just one commercial,
and I had to have one.
Got one, too! For a gift!
Bet you did, too.And how many remember this commercial?
The one that made me want that neat piece of metal!

And how many, like me, ended up with this?

(Stay tuned for Chatty Cathy dolls that had their voice boxes yanked out, Tiny Tears dolls that lost their hair, Silly Putty that got permanently stuck to the comic section of the newspaper, and Lincoln Logs that were used as teething means.)

1 comment:

The Anderson Family said...

I love this and couldn't agree more! Watching that commercial made me want one again until I scrolled down and saw the slinky aftermath. I remember all too well how tangled mine would get--even the plastic ones!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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