I Love ~

I was saying morning prayers
& this snapshot came to mind.
I just love this smile,
it is so Ian Todd~
then I got to thinking
about other loves in my life.

I have always, always loved her eyes,
and I love the spunk & laughter in him.
It's no news to you that I love these curls~
and these as well.
For someone with straight hair,
I longed for curls.
Now I have daughters and babies
with headfuls of soft curls~
I love this Princess ~
and the one yet to be born.
And I thank God daily for these men,
these strong Christian men
that love our daughters,
adore our grandbabies,
and walk the walk.
I am humbled by these blessings~

1 comment:

Laurey said...

Nancy, your children are beautiful, as is your entire family. What a sweet message about their spouses - I know they must feel the same way about you, too.

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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