Where In the World?

Where in the world would you live if you had
the chance, the money, the opportunity
and no obligations other than going
where you wanted to go, and doing
what you wanted to do, and being
just yourself for no less than four weeks?
I'm curious~where would you be?
My foreign wanderlust dreams include
living and loving in an apartment overlooking
the Grand Canal in Venice~
windows open to the sounds and smells
of native Italians, as they go about
their everyday business.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Stateside would find me in Bar Harbor, Maine~
early fall, when it's cool, frosty mornings
cuddling in a local cottage, soaking up
the sights, history, and local lore.
Where would you go?
Leave me a comment and tell me two places,
you can see yourself living, laughing, and loving
for no less than four glorious weeks?!
Include one foreign location and one stateside!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
It's easy to leave a comment!
even if you don't have a Google account.
Where do your dreams take you?


Anonymous said...

I would like to try Great Smokey Mtns east Tennessee. Foreign location would be, probably, some village in Germany.
John L.

Anonymous said...

Norway. Fjords, History of the Vikings. Check out the cruises in Norway. http://www.visitnorway.com/

Alternate : Greece. Too many places in Greece to pick one city and Greece is not that big.

Closer to home :

Summers : Newfoundland. Mild temps, friendly people, know the language, fresh seafood, incredible scenery.

Fall, winter (if you don't want snow) Santa Monica, Malibu. If you want snow, Canadian Rockies, British Columbia.

Among places on the must see list :
Austrailia, Italy, China. Italy. London, Paris, Iceland.

Only Two ???

H G (anon)

Teale said...

I have so many...

Florence, Italy (the only place out of this 'foreign' list that I've actually been to... love it!)

Santorini, Greece

Virgin Islands



Savannah, GA

New York City

Graham Shenanigans said...

I have to second your idea of Italy. I have always, always wanted to go to Italy and ride on the gondola and eat real Italian food....

Secondly, I think I could live at the beach, but not in a condo. I would want my own big beachhouse with my own little private beach, but still close enough to the shopping that it wouldn't be inconvenient. I could love grilling out for dinner and eating out of the deck with the ocean breeze blowing, smelling the salty brine smells of the ocean.

Thanks for that little blurb out of reality. It was nice while it lasted. However 3 teenagers and a squealing baby just brought me back to reality....lol

Kristen said...

Stateside - New York City

I've only spent not even a full day there and that is definitely not enough time for NYC. There's just so much to see and do and something about big cities just intrigues me.

Foreign - Italy

This has always been first on my list of dream vacations. My second would have to be somewhere with a beach. :)

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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