Babies & BMW ~

Someone has a new haircut!
and someone else choked up when she saw it~
(I do NOT like it when babies grow up.)
Someone began going once a week to her new school,
so it won't be so new to her in the fall!
and someone else tearfully said, "John,
look how grown up she looks sitting there."
These two love watching TV r.i.g.h.t. in front of the screen.
and someone else told them the only way they could watch it
was seated right next to Nan ~ and only one believed me.
While the oldest giggled at me, and moved to the ottoman,
the littlest scrambled quickly into my arms and stayed there.
Yeah, I lie to get my way~
A friend of ours posted this on his Facebook,
it made me giggle, and I just had to share it.
Far left, Audi ~ "Your move, BMW".
BMW ~ "Checkmate".
I am so in love with my little white car, a 323i,
and loved the fact that BMW threw it back at 'em~
Can't wait to read of, and see, Audi's response!


Anonymous said...

I ♥ your posts. You are such an amazing person/mother/grandmother. You also know how to make me smile with each and every post.
Love you

Laurey said...

I LOVED that billboard. My sister drives a BMW, too, and I LOVE when she comes to Dallas and lets me drive. She refuses to drive in the crazy traffic, so I get to enjoy it while she is here. GREAT CARS!!! I love white, too. I drive a white Tahoe, but I sure would love a white BMW...maybe next time. My husband says that since I don't have to haul kiddos anymore, I can pick one out for me next time. YEA!!!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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