She Was a Grand Lady ~

Grandma Cook, Miss Ellene, was such a sweetheart ~
Johnny and I attended a Celebration of Life today
for her and listened with others at the memories
she so lovingly left with her family.
We, too, knew of her kindness, her compassion,
and her love for laughter. We were the receipents
of many cards, recipes, and funnies sent simply
to brighten our day. You shall be missed, Miss Ellene,
and you were so loved, by so many.
Today I learned that she put herself in the way of harm
to save her grandson, our beautiful son-in-law;
she received various church bulletins just so she could send
hand written notes to those in need of prayer;
loved loved loved singing, even after
she was no longer able to do so herself;
and her laughter never failed to bring
everyone around her to their knees laughing with her.
What a wonderful tribute.
Our newest grandaughter has been given her nickname, Elle.
Miss Ellene turned 85 years young, one week ago.
As Jenny put it, "Heaven is a little sweeter today."


Kristi said...

I love it - Heaven is a little sweeter today. That is so true! What a thoughtful gesture that Elle is named after her - love it! Praying for comfort for your family.

Laurey said...

That is a beautiful tribute to the lovely Ms. Elle. I know she is smiling from heaven reading your post. She sounds like she made the world a lot brighter, too. God has another special angel to add to his team now.

Laurey said...

I meant the lovely Miss Ellene in my last post, but I know that the precious Elle enjoys knowing how special her namesake was.

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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