Do you have a Facebook page? I do, and at this moment
many of my friends do as well. Some even laughed at me
and joked when I would mention Facebook and ask them
when they were getting one. Now they don't laugh,
except when we get together and mention all the things we've learned
about others from our Facebook Home Page! John even has one.
I got tired of turning my laptop around in order to show him
the snapshots of our Mississippi grandbabies their mommy
posted to her Facebook page. So I made him his own page.
Now he's hooked. Hooked up to friends from his high school,
even some he hasn't heard from in years. It's been a good thing.
So, do you have a Facebook page? I have added a link
to my page down over on the right hand side. You'll see it
if you continue to scroll down. But I'm warning you,
if you get a page, it can be addicting. Just warning you.
See you on the book ~


Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed reading your blog and yes I am just a stalker... I don't have one myself.... I just happened upon yours one day looking for something... Yes I do have a FB I don't know many people that do not... It's great is it not? But I do have some friends that there husbands or wives will not let them have one cause they do not think its proper to have one... Which I find totally crazy but I guess different strokes for different folks huh? But I have enjoyed reading your blog and you have the best decorating sense I have seen in years.... God Bless

Nancy said...

Thank you for your comment and do continue to visit! Have a blessed week!

Marie said...

Enjoyed reading your blog. Yes, I am on Face Book. When I told our son, he laughed and said it was about time for him to get off if his mother had a page. Ha!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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