Why Are Some Days ~

Jenny asked a thought provoking question today,
"why are some days so hard?" and she's gotten a few answers
from well meaning friends, and me, her mom. However,
the question kept coming back to me and I remembered
one of the daily devotionals I've read recently ~
My child, never fear when you walk through fiery circumstances.
An unexpected death, a wretched failure,
a business loss, an unexplained illness ~
they will come like unwelcome flames in the night.
Don't be terrified but look closely.
In the middle of that fiery furnace, you'll see a familiar face.
I'll walk through the flames with you.
~Rebecca B. Jordan~
It doesn't have to be catastrophic to be a difficult day.
Being almost seven months pregnant and having two little
boys under the age of six can be challenging in itself!
So, Jen, take heart ~ and when in doubt, faith it out.
Your mom loves you and prays for you. Call me,
when the going gets too tough ~ as a matter of fact,
I think I'll give you a call. Just to hear your voice ~

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