Do You Remember?

John, do you remember this time? This trip to Knoxville?
Where we ate high above the Tennessee River
and were treated like royalty?! We were with best friends,
and you won a picture at the silent auction.
We still have that picture, and I love the memory.
You were so handsome in your tux, and we danced.
And danced some more. And laughed.
We had so much fun on that trip.
But then, anytime we get near the Smokies,
it's as if there's no other place to be.
Tomorrow we celebrate 26 years together ~
We are not home for this anniversary,
but when we do get home, will you do me a favor?
Will you dance with me? In the kitchen?
Just like you have for all these years.
And John? The answer is yes,
I would marry you all over again.


Jenny said...

I love these pictures!

Happy Anniversary! I love you guys!

Lisa Ann said...

Happy Anniversary! You make a gorgeous couple!

~ from The Letter Writer ~

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